I have been repairing clocks for 23 years .

I started out with the help of a clockmaker who had over 60 years experience in repairing clocks. He took me under his wing and I apprenticed under his watchful eye for a couple of years. Everything else I learned from books, videos & lots of mistakes. Clock-making is as most professions a life long learning experience.

The Internet also provides a great resource for learning with access to such organizations as National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors(NAWCC), American Watchmakers& Clockmaker’s Institute(AWCI), British Horological Institute (BHI) these are the 3 most used ones. But with Internet access the world provides endless resources.

I’m a member of NAWCC & AWCI.

I also subscribe to numerous Watch & Clock magazines.

This is a new site and I’m adding to it all the time, so please revisit and watch for changes

Thank you