Tips and Comments

I work on any type of clock , except I don’t waste time on electric clocks, as parts are most times hard to come by.

I also provide custom part manufacturing for most types of clocks.

People often phone and say “My clock stopped I think I over wound it” If you wind your clock and it does not run, then chances are it is time to have it serviced.

People often ask “How often should I have my clock cleaned”? In my opinion,it should be oiled about every 3-5 years & depending on the type of clock(Mantle,French,Gingerbread,Grandfather,etc.)it should be completely cleaned every 8-10 years,to keep the wear to the movement to a minimum.

Here is a tip if your “Wall Clock”,that was running well,all of a sudden stops.Chances are that the little Gremlins of the house,have thrown it out of beat.Just get out your trusty level & hopefully your clock will be ticking along again.

A lot of people install new batteries that they supposedly just bought, however after I test them I find that they are dead.

So, test your batteries before you install new ones, even if you just bought them. Also make sure that they are installed, plus (+) to plus (+) & negative (-) to negative (-).

You would not believe how many of these conditions I get . Batteries that are installed the wrong way and the clock won’t run.